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Cheyna Ashe

Hello yoU! 

I would like to thank you for following our page here! I pray that the music you have heard from me or will hear, will be a massive blessing to you and to the ones that you love! All of the songs I have written are ones that I believe god has inspired me to write:) I pray before writing any song down because I know how powerful music is and can be. i want whatever I do to glorify God, the one who gave me my talents in the first place. 

Growing up I was very much involved with music, but only that which appealed to my own feelings and my own liking. As i grew up, I started following the pop stars and R and B artist and started walking away from God bit by bit. I had a great care for the things of this life in stead of worrying about eternal life. 

Over time and after many hard trials and tribulations with my family, I finally heard God speaking to me. He was reaching out to me the whole time and after a series of failed auditions, and producers that never got back to me, i realized that God was saving me from what I now know to be myself. God always had a greater plan for me and I was going to ruin what God had in store. Though I was not happy at the time, I am now super happy that God did not let me go. 

Serving God and allowing Him to guide my steps has been the best decision I have ever made. The Bible says that the truth will set you free, and little did I know that it really would. I have gained so much clarity as to what God’s mission for me and for everyone of us is, and I pray that through my talents I am able to help you realize as well what that mission is! May God bless you all! Happy listening!<3

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